100th EPISODE GIVEAWAY! – Podcast 100 of FITz & Healthy

In this episode, Lauren and Cinthanie are celebrating the 100th episode of the FITz & Healthy podcast! We are taking a look back at our podcasting journey so far and looking forward to the future of our FITz & Healthy community as it continues to grow! To celebrate, we are giving away Apple AirPod Bluetooth earphones to one lucky winner.  Use the link below to enter and make sure to complete all the ways to enter to increase your chances of winning!

FITz & Healthy 100th Episode Giveaway: https://gleam.io/MlEyw/fitz-healthy-100th-episode-giveaway


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The FITz and Healthy podcast is a talk show that shares weekly information to help you live a FITz and healthy life.  Join hosts Dr. Lauren Fitz and Cinthanie as they discuss topics ranging from fitness, health, and everything in between to help promote a better healthy lifestyle by design.  The FITz and Healthy podcast offer a series of shows on the official YouTube channel and other social sites.

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