Fasting Facts from Dr. Fitz

Listed below are some quick FASTING FACTS that I would like you as the reader to really learn and understand. I want you to open your mind to the POSSIBILITY that what we’ve been told to believe about FASTING may not in fact be true! My goal is for you to think of HOW fasting can potentially be the tool that you have been missing in your belt of weight loss tools.

Myth #1 – You must decrease your daily caloric consumption to lose weight permanently.

Fact #1 – Notice that last word? PERMANENTLY! It is what so many overlook when they start counting calories to lose weight. Yes… if you eat less calories over an
extended amount of time you will lose weight, BUT…here is the kicker, study after study has shown that for LONG TERM SUCCESS in losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF, caloric restriction fails 99% of the time. This is why so many of you have successfully lost weight in the past (probably on multiple occasions), but never managed to learn how to keep that weight off.

Myth #2 – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and must be eaten within the first hour after awaking.

Fact #2 – Um…no…just no. This is something that Big Food companies have successfully brainwashed us into believing. I, too, believed this myth for the longest time and practiced it myself. It didn’t matter how early my start time was for my first patient in the OR (operating room) that day, I would make it a priority to wake up early enough to eat breakfast because I truly believed this nonsense for most of my life. If this were true, we would’ve died off as a species thousands of years ago, because for a majority of human existence there hasn’t been a grocery store on every corner. The human body was PERFECTLY DESIGNED for feast and famine and THIS is the sole purpose of the adipose tissue on our bodies! Just like bears, we are supposed to use our fat stores in times of less food availability. If you are one of the many people that has secretly fought this notion of eating first thing in the morning, it means you are actually in tune with your body’s needs and your hormones are
probably much more well balanced (i.e. the daily natural ebb & flow of all of your hormones in 24 hours).

Myth #3 – Exercising more is what I need to do to lose weight and keep it off.

Fact #3 – While there are SO MANY reasons that I believe exercise should be a part of your daily healthy lifestyle, this is not one of the reasons. In my FITz & Healthy podcast, I actually devote an entire episode to what exercise is and isn’t, specifically
talking about how it is NOT a good way to lose weight. Exercise is helpful in so many ways, but if you have listened to any of my “Lauren Lives” or podcast episodes, you’ve heard me preach that “it is BIOLOGY, NOT PHYSICS” people!

Myth #4 – You will SLOW DOWN YOUR METABOLISM if you fast.

Fact #4 – This is another common myth that I, too, believed for most of my life. I was duped into believing that I would slow my metabolism down if I didn’t eat first thing in the morning, didn’t eat small meals throughout the day, or happened to skip any meal or meals. Are you one of the many that fell into believing that dogma, too? You guys…IF those were true, think about what that would’ve meant for our Paleolithic ancestors. They would’ve all been overweight if that’s how the body’s metabolism works. I want you to think about WHO benefits from us believing this way!
Yup…you guessed it…companies that make FOOD. It is a BRILLIANT marketing plan, get the general public to believe that they NEED to be eating around the clock and that will create a HUGE DEMAND that will in turn equal HUGE PROFIT! You guys…if that were true, do you really think that we would have the obesity epidemic that we have today? Come on…admit it, you’ve tried this method and how has it turned out for you? A majority would answer that it has FAILED them over the years. In fact, what HAS been shown to actually slow down a person’s metabolism over time is the all too popular CALORIE REDUCTION DIET. Yup…you heard me right! Wanna slow down your metabolism in a way that is lasting, just reduce your calories and exercise more daily. #cantmakethisshatup

Myth #5 – Fasting means you want me to starve myself?

Fact #5 – Starving is what the victims of the Holocaust suffered when they had NO CONTROL over when or how often they would eat. Fasting on the other hand, is TOTAL CONTROL over when and how often you eat and is something that EVERY SINGLE HUMAN already does naturally. Fasting is defined by a period of time in which a person doesn’t consume anything to eat or drink. Hello?! You all sleep, right? Every single one of us ‘fasts’ when we are sleeping. The amount of time
fasting for each individual is what we will talk about later, but for now just know that my intention is not for you to starve yourself.

Myth #6 – Fasting isn’t safe!

Fact #6 – That is partially true but only for a SMALL PERCENT of you. Fasting should NOT be practiced if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have suffered from an eating disorder in the past. If you are a diabetic, you have huge potential to get better control of your disease process with fasting, BUT should only explore this option under the guidance of a medical professional that has experience with treating diabetic patients and fasting. (see for a great option) The fact is that fasting has been practiced by humans for centuries and has fallen out of practice for the most part, due to (what I believe at least) modern society being driven by the almighty dollar (Big Food & Big Pharma) and foods that are unnatural causing unnatural addictions which make it seemingly impossible to do an actual fast whether it be for a day, a month or any period of time.

Lauren is a Medical Doctor who left her practice as an anesthesiologist to pursue her true passion to help others change their health, fitness and life. She discovered her true passion in 2011 when she started teaching a hip hop fitness class that would later be known as her own unique format called CLUB FITz which became known worldwide by her ever growing YouTube channel that currently has almost 319K subscribers and >106M total views. Her calling to help empower others through exercise led to her becoming a health & fitness coach where she teaches others how to make HEALTHY a lifestyle that stays for a lifetime. Her unique combination of being a physician and a fitness professional help give her the tools to EMPOWER her clients and her team members unlike anyone else.