HAPPY JUNE 1st, Y’ALL!! As I sit here on the plane this first day of June traveling for the fifth time this year, I have so much on my mind to write about in this first official blog for, but which thought do I want to start writing about? I want to write about INSPIRATION!

While I have never claimed to be a writer, much less a good writer, I do have a lot to say and communicate to the world. Many people know me for my many “Lauren Live” broadcasts that I do on my various social media platforms as well as my new podcast called “The FITz & Healthy” podcast. I am no expert at anything but in my 37 years on this Earth, I have had many unique experiences that have led to the broad range of topics that I have been known to talk about to the public. Inspiration is one of them that I have yet to talk about and I figured that I would share where my inspiration began while hoping that it inspires a few of you along the way.

Junior high and the dance studio are where I can first pinpoint my first true brush with this word that almost seems mystical. Many of my fans have heard me tell of my dreams from childhood to grow up and become a backup dancer for Janet Jackson one day. What most don’t realize is that I actually believed in my soul that I would achieve that dream. I would watch MTV and VH1 (are those networks even still around by the way?) and watch for any Janet video to be played so I could hit the record button on my VCR. (Yup…y’all know I never try to hide my age…born in 1980, BABY!). I would imagine myself behind Miss Janet on stage as I danced along to her music with some bomb ass choreo and would be inspired to do my own. This inspiration led me to choreograph moves to her song “If” in ’93 which I performed in my school’s talent show and in a state-wide dance competition where I won 1st place in the solo category. WHAT WHAT?! 😉

Now…I know you are asking yourself “Lauren, did you ever actually dance for Janet because if not, why are you writing about this in regards to inspiration?” I am glad you asked. I am telling this story because there is inspiration around us everywhere. The choice of WHAT to do with it is where we go astray. I fully believe if I would have had the mindset of believing everything is possible and learned to silent those voices in my head placed there by a society that tells us we aren’t good enough, not skinny enough, not talented enough, etc, that I would have become a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. If I would have let INSPIRATION take the lead and followed my heart, I would have been led down a completely different path. That being said…I believe that inspiration doesn’t have an expiration date. That inspiration to be able to perform my God given talent of dancing on a stage for thousands of people to be inspired by it is still VERY PRESENT in my heart and drives me to follow my heart now at 37. The specifics of the dream may be a bit different (although ya never know because Janet is always full of surprises and I do live in California now…just sayin), but the dream that came from my initial inspiration is still fueling a fire that is meant to make big waves in a completely different way than I ever could’ve dreamed.
What inspires you? Is it something like creating a meal that is amazingly tasty that has all nutritious ingredients and brings orgasmic delight to all those who eat it? Is it watching a young person learn a sport that transforms themselves into individuals that have a new found confidence and love of physical activity? The possibilities are endless and all are absolutely needed to make this world a better, brighter, happier place. My dance skills were given to me to help others. I have no doubt. The love of being on stage and performing may have started out as being an egocentric passion but as I have matured and gotten some life experience under my belt, I realize that it’s so much bigger than just an ego stroke. This is a skill that can be used to EMPOWER those that are inspired by it. It is a powerful tool that I personally am able to use to connect with those that need inspiration in life. I choose to use what started off as my first true inspiration to help fulfill my purpose and help others.

On this first day of June, I hope that you get a little inspiration from this blog of mine and maybe take a deeper look into what inspires you and how you can use that inspiration to fulfill your own purpose while helping others as well. I appreciate every single one of you that took the time to read this and thank you all for the love, support and positivity that I receive from y’all daily! Happy Thursday!!

Much love,

Lauren FITz

Lauren is a Medical Doctor who left her practice as an anesthesiologist to pursue her true passion to help others change their health, fitness and life. She discovered her true passion in 2011 when she started teaching a hip hop fitness class that would later be known as her own unique format called CLUB FITz which became known worldwide by her ever growing YouTube channel that currently has almost 319K subscribers and >106M total views. Her calling to help empower others through exercise led to her becoming a health & fitness coach where she teaches others how to make HEALTHY a lifestyle that stays for a lifetime. Her unique combination of being a physician and a fitness professional help give her the tools to EMPOWER her clients and her team members unlike anyone else.